Henriques and Henriques - Medium Rich Single Harvest Madeira 1998 50cl Bottle

£ 30.73
This special single vintage bottling of Madeira started life as fermenting must and was then fortified before undergoing its own very special maturation process. Made of Tinta Negra Mole Grapes, harvest began around the first days of September due to the warm southerly climate. A unique and highly sophisticated artificial Estufa process then occured, where termperatures rose to 45Dec C before being allowed to cool. Aged in Canteiro method, naturally heated and aged in oak casks. Dark gold with greenish nuances.Developed and complex aaromas of honey, dried fruits ,namely hazelnuts and vanilla. Medium rich palate of dried fruits, with toffee and wood and a good balance between the acidity and sweetness. An excellent accompaniment to rich desserts and chocolates. Can also be enjoyed with coffee as an digestif.

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