Pink 47 - London Dry Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 22.39
Pink 47 is a compellingly classical London Dry Gin, strong and smooth without a trace of harshness which makes it perfect for cocktails. Pink 47's premium taste will ensure you can make world famous gin cocktails as they should be served - For a posh night in try a Martini - you chose if it's shaken or stirred. Italian Juniper berries that give the classic foundation, supported by two different types of angelica and two corianders. Citrus fruits and almonds from Spain are expertly balanced with West African nutmeg and several exotic spices from the Orient. At 47% alcohol, it is strong too, the correct strength for a perfect martini! That's why the gin has won these these awards: Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2007. Commended - Bartenders Challenge 2007. UK Spirits Winner - Tesco Drinks Awards 2008. Please note that Pink 47 Gin is colourless, the colour in the bottle is a reflection from the label.

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