Portobello Road - Celebrated Butter Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 32.49
Portobello Road Celebrated Butter Gin is a unique experience overall from the scent on the nose to the lingering finish on the palate. Portobello Road Gin is redistilled with English unsalted butter, then sweetened with a little sugar and rested in a barrel for a few days to allow the flavours to completely homogenise. The butter gives the gin a creamy mouthfeel and just a touch of sweet and saltiness. In all of the expressions at Portobello Road Gin, there is an element of history and tradition. The Celebrated Butter Gin is no different in fact, the idea came from a book of short stories by Charles Dickens - Sketches by Boz. Dickens loved to observe and document London in its industrial growth and social turmoil. This is most probably where he took inspiration for many of his characters such as Oliver Twist.

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