Dragon Tears - Whisky 50cl Bottle

£ 25.27
Smooth cinnamon spirit drink made with real blended Scotch whisky. Turns out that, instead of tears, sad dragons secrete a glittering whisky spirit. Who knew?! This spirit drink is truly other-wordly. Weve teamed rich cinnamon and smoky blended Scotch whisky with golden shimmer, sparking a mesmeric blaze of swirling golden flames when you shake the bottle. So deliciously moreish, are these golden globs of shimmering temptation, that we had to bottle them in luxurious heavyweight glass and share them with the world. Of course, as with all of our Mythical Tears, the tear extraction technique is a closely guarded secret. Pair this multifaceted whisky drink with coke for a twist of sinful cinnamon, or with sweet vermouth and bitters for a seriously magical Manhattan. Or drink it neat like the dragon-slaying badass you are.

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